P'nai Or Membership

There is something special and unexplainable that draws people to P'nai Or. Whether you come regularly, now and then, or just once a year, you will feel like you are coming home to Judaism and to a community of friends and fellow travelers. Join us!

After you experience P'nai Or and feel that it may be a good fit for you, please consider becoming a member of our P'nai Or family. We are consciously creating our community, and your participation weaves an even more beautiful Jewish tapestry to wrap around our souls.

For further information or to join, please click here.


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Please note:  Donations and payments to P’nai Or are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by the law, Please consult your tax adviser regarding tax-deductible contributions. We are an unincorporated nonprofit association pursuant to CA corporation code section 21000 and 21300.