​​​​​​​​​​​​P’nai Or Calendar    

Visit this page often, because we may add, change, or omit events as time, energy, and funds permit.  Any member who would like to add an event to our calendar may contact Wendy to discuss how we can make that happen. All services, unless otherwise noted, are held in space generously donated by Grace First Presbyterian Church, 3955 N. Studebaker Rd., Long Beach, CA 90808 (see map).

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Saturday, November 17, 10 am:  Shabbat morning service led by AJU rabbinical school student and songwriter Sammy Rosenbaum, an award-winning songwriter, educator, and multi-instrumentalist both in the Jewish and secular worlds. Please go to his website www.sammyrosenbaum.com for a closer look !!  The service will be followed by a potluck lunch.

Sunday, December 2, 5:00 pm: First night Hanukkah Party. Latkas provided by Alan The Latka Man!  Dinner and music included.  Bring your hanukkiah and candles. Suggested $36 end-of-year donation would be appreciated, but no one is turned away from P'nai Or for lack of funds, so just give what your heart and wallet can afford. 
Location on Naples Island will be provided only upon
RSVP ( a must!!! ) to info@pnaior.org.  Please pay online at www.pnaior.org/donations.html.

Saturday, January 19, 10 am: Shabbat Shira Service followed by Tu B'Shevat lunch.

Saturday, February 9, 10 am: Shabbat service and potluck lunch.


Saturday, March 30, 10 am: Shabbat service and potluck lunch.
Saturday, April 20, 6 pm: 2nd night seder.

Saturday, May 18, 10 am: Shabbat service and potluck lunch.

Saturday, June 8, 10 am: Shabbat morning service with Shavuot theme, and milk-and-honey-themed lunch.