Our Philosophy

The most important thing at P'nai Or is that you simply just come and be with us. Each person's spirit, whether you come once or for a lifetime, is what we truly cherish. Just your presence is what helps each one of us grow. P’nai Or is an environment that strives to support one another, our community, and our spiritual journeys.

Where We Meet

We have been lovingly welcomed at Grace First Presbyterian Church in Long Beach, which graciously donates to us whatever space we need.  Both P'nai Or and Grace First are members of the South Coast Interfaith Council.

P'nai Or ("Faces of Light") is a warm and welcoming Jewish community in Long Beach that joyfully embraces Judaism through Torah, prayer, learning, music, and human relationships. We draw on the wisdom from all traditions of Judaism and are not affiliated with any specific denomination or movement.  We are a diverse community, open to all who wish to walk a Jewish path together and to deepen their Jewish spirituality and practice.

Who We Are